Your brain’s self-sabotage

self sabotage


Take your time and have a look around you to count how many red objects do you have around before you continue reading.

Are you done?

Well then, could you tell me now, without looking around again, how many green objects are around you?

Probably not.


It probably happened to you, after purchasing a car, that you walk on the street and suddenly you start to notice that a lot of people has the same model you have, the car you just purchased is now everywhere. Does that mean the whole city has suddenly purchased the same model as you? The explanation is different: How your brain works.

Your brain has limited resources and in order to improve your survival chances it has to optimize how it uses such resources. If you have days without eating and feel extremely hungry, walking through the forest only thinking about grabbing something to your mouth. In this situation you can perfectly walk through a diamond mine and just ignore it, because your brain doesn't need diamonds, it needs food.

Once you have eaten and you can relax yourself, there are still many factors that will prevent you from seeing or behave in a way that will allow you to achieve what you consciously want. And I want to highlight consciously, because wanting something in a conscious way, even when it sounds paradoxical, doesn’t mean you want it in a subconscious way.


Let’s start from an obvious example. Would you like to fly like a bird? Many would say yes. Now, how does your body react if you are preparing yourself to take a hang-gliding? It seems that your subconscious tries to take you in a different way of what you consciously want.

Let’s now go for something not so obvious. Would you like to become rich? I’m sure 99% of people would say “Of course! Do you think I’m stupid or what?!”. Now let me ask you something else, what do you think about the extremely rich people? Many would say they are arrogant or selfish. And you, would you like to be arrogant or selfish? If your answer is “no”, then having such a belief, how do you expect your subconscious will help you become rich?


Other examples of obstacles to this “I want to become rich” thing are:

  • Love is more important that money

Love is important? Yes. Money can replace love? No. Will love feed you? No. Both are important, just in different ways, using this argument is just an excuse from your subconscious brain.

  • Becoming rich requires a lot of time and effort, I will not have time for my family or other aspects of my life.

Did you stop for a moment to think how much free time does the owner of Microsoft or Facebook have?


Many other examples could be used, each person is different, and each person will have a different excuse, the only thing that doesn’t change is that even if you want to become rich on a conscious way, you don’t want to be rich in a subconscious way, so your brain is sabotaging your chances of success creating fears and random thoughts that allow you to behave incorrectly in your life. Among the ways we can sabotage ourselves you can think about decisions that are not good for us, see the risks instead of the opportunities, chose the short term instead of the long term, etc. And all this happens without us noticing, we want to save money while our brain is just throwing money away, at the end of the month we don’t even know how could we have spent so much.


If you really want to change your life, on any aspect, you need to start by changing your subconscious.

If you want to start now, you are in the right place.

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