How to listen an Hypnosis Audio


First you should know some basics about general audios, then, if you are interested, you can learn how to follow the audios that I most like to create by myself.

Every person can be under hypnosis, everyone, you only need the ability to focus and pay attention to what the audio says.

The audio isn't the one that makes you fall into hypnosis, it's only a guide, you are the one that go or don't go into hypnosis all by yourself.



To listen an hypnosis audio JUST follow the instructions. Yes, just like that, very simple, so simple that is hard to follow, the mind always want something more to work with. If you try very hard, you actually will be making it harder to happen.

Don't try to think "am I hypnotized?" or anything similar. Try not to go to another place with your mind, maybe the match of tomorrow or the shopping list.

Don't try to force yourself to get into hypnosis, it doesn't work that way. Also you shouldn't try to avoid it. What you have to try is not to fall asleep. Focus your attention on the instructions and follow them. Simple as that.

In order to not fall asleep, you should listen the audio while sitting in a couch instead of laying on a bed, and of course, with your mind rested, without being sleepy.

Find a place where no one or anything will bother you in the meanwhile. You can turn off the lights or lower them if you wish.

You only need to listen the audio once, it begins, does its things, and finish. You can, but its not necessary to listen it more than once per day.


Remember, like with subliminal audios, the mind remembers and apply things better when they have individually more importance and repetition, so try not to mix several audios at the same time.


How much time do I need to notice the effects?

Once you are able to fall into hypnosis, maybe in a week you can start noticing changes. This doesn't mean you should stop in a week, but just that they will begin to pop up in your life like automatic habits.


How do I know if I'm under hypnosis?

As I told before, you shouldn't try to check this, because this try will actually get you off the trance.

If you are experienced about being under hypnosis, you can recognize it without the need to think about it. Different people have different feelings, but there might be time distortion when you awake, with a perception that less or more time that the real time had passed, maybe you can feel your arms and hands like heavy, or maybe very light... You will remember everything, it's not like being asleep, you will feel awake and noticing all around you, but you will have slight signals. The unique obvious signal that only some people has, is the "REM" state, your eyes may start moving like crazy, just like when you are dreaming during the night, but this time you are awake.


Once the hypnotic session ends, you would be still susceptible of suggestion for a max amount of 15 minutes.

If you can't visualize images when asked, try not to do it in images. We have a test in the forum, on the PNL section where you can learn your primary sense. If you get that your primary sense is hearing, then you might want to "visualize" in sounds, and if you are kinesthesic you might try to do it in feelings or senses like "i feel somethins is just in front of me".


Specific Audios

The hypnosis audios I usually create have an induction that is faster and more effective than what is usually used in audios, it's used more usually on street or stage hypnosis, where fast induction is required.

This induction, as I said, is very effective and fast, but you should know some points first.

1.- At the beginning  you will listen a suggestion that tells you to try to open your eyes, telling you that you won't be able to do it. If you are able to do it, you should restart the audio and try again.

This is not magic, it just is like that, you actually won't be able to open your eyes, but not because a physical barrier, but a psychological one.

If you can't achieve it after some tries, then leave it for tomorrow. If your head is busy you won't be able to focus on following what the audio says. Maybe tomorrow you will have your mind more clear.

2.- At the end of the audio you will hear something like "nod your head if you accept and understand this". If you don't feel like noding, then don't do it, that means that the audio is not for you, try to chose a different one.

This sentence is made to create a feeling of "this is my decision" in the subconscious, so the suggestions establish better in our mind.

3.- At the beginning you will hear a "sleep". This is a suggestion for the subconscious, you will actually still be awake and alert of what is around you, but your subconscious will fall in a trance. Don't think "I didn't fall asleep" because you won't, sleep and hypnosis are different things, the instruction "sleep" is the most simple way to reach this concept to the subconscious and actually get into a trance in the fastest way. Once you are not able to open your eyes, we know the subconscious is following the suggestions, so it will follow the "sleep" without any doubt.

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