Puffiness and under-eye circles



Like we have been suggesting during the hipnosis training, the subconscious part of our brain is like a genius little kid that knows how to achieve anything but is probably focused on things that are not the most appropiate for the given situation. In addition to hipnosis, we can also use subliminal audios to communicate with our subconscious what is that we want to achieve.

In this case we are sharing and audio to focus our subconscious towards avoiding puffiness and under-eye circles, that many times may happen due to an incorrect sleeping cycle but there are also many other factors that play a role on how our bodies take a rest during the night, including the light we are exposed to, food, drinks, emotions, experiences, etc.

In these cases trying to control all the details may not be the easiest option, so turning the weel to the little genius inside our brain while we are pointing to where we want to go may be the easiest way to achieve what we are looking for.


The audio we made for this purpose has the following subliminal messages:


Blood flow is very good around my eyes.
My eye contour is very healthy.
My eye contour has very good blood flow.
My eye contour is perfect.
My eye contour is moisturized.
My eye contour is young.
My eye contour is smooth.
My eye contour is beautiful.
The skin around my eyes is smooth.
The skin around my eyes is perfect.


If you are interested, you can get the audio from here:

Under-eye circles.

Youtube version.


Good luck!

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