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It has been proven one time and another that when we believe we are more inteligent, indeed we become more intelligent. That is how our subconscious mind works, the teacher tells us that we are worthless, then we believe it and our brain works to prove us that the reality is according to our expectations.

A very clear example of this is an experiment that I have mentioned in some ocassion, when some students were getting ready for their exam in the university, the scientist were divided in two groups.

The first group would interview female students that were preparing to get into a math exam. During the interview the students were reminded of how women usually perform worse than men in science and maths.

The second group was also interviewing female students that were preparing to get into a math exam, but in this ocassion there was no reminding of how women perform on science subjects.

The results are fascinating, the female students from the first group got scores well below their male classmates average, while the female students from the second group got scores that matched or slightly went over their male classmates average.


If you don’t want your brain to fool yourself, start telling it how smart you are. For this, we have chosen the following subliminal messages:

I remember everything very clearly.
I understand everything clearly.
I correctly answer all the questions from the teacher.
I reply with confidence to the teacher.
The teacher likes me.
I pass my exam.


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Pass your exam.

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Good luck in your test!

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