Alpha Male

alpha male


In the animal reign, the alpha male is the strongest and the one with the highest chances of finding a female mate and procreate. This makes the descendants to be stronger and survive better in the environment.

Even though applied in a different way, this also has its function in the human society. In our society the most important is not to have physical strength, but to have personal strength, leadership, empathy, humor, compassion…

This is not strange if we think that most part of our brain is dedicated in some way to social relationships, including speech and body language. It is not weird then that a person with high self esteem let us feel good.


We are sharing an audio for people that wants to gain some self esteem and become this so-called alpha male. The subliminal messages of this audio are:

I am the alpha male.

People listen to me when I talk.

I am of very high value.

Women enjoy my company.

Women feel attracted for me.

I feel confident.

I feel comfortable with myself.

I enjoy any social situation.


If you are interested in this audio you can download it from here:

Alpha male.

Youtube version.


Before saying goodbye I want to make a warning, the true alpha male:

- Doesn’t think he is better than the rest of the people

- He doesn’t feel uneasy when other people points to his defects

- Is forgiving, supportive, generous and helps others

If any of these points is not accomplished, it means there are symptoms of a not so healthy self esteem. An alpha male is a person confident on himself but not arrogant. The fine line that separates confidence and arrogance is simple: humility.


Good luck.

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