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Many people, when they think about self-esteem, they start to imagine that they need to believe they are good, superior, get their head up and feel themselves more than others. The reality is that this can be out of place and get you to a non-healthy self-esteem. These kind of behaviors may develop in many circumstances a personality that ends being narcissist or arrogant.

A person with healthy self-esteem is able to look at his own defects or weak points and talk openly about them, "these are my weak points", and will not become ashamed because of that. A person with confidence on himself but that regardless of having a healthy diet and doing exercise still has a potato-body, would just recognize that has a potato-body, but a very healthy one.

A person with self-esteem acknowledges that he is good in engineering but very bad at marketing, and instead of trying to make others see that he is good where he really isn't, he decides to look for a partner that is good in marketing so both can work together and achieve greater things.

An arrogant personality is based on fear and thus it is centered on the ego, while a confident person is based on knowledge. Arrogance is used as a defense to obscure things, based on a desire to appear superior. It is based on insecurity and the fear to be seen as stupid or ignorant. Persons with a great self-esteem are more free of the ego and feel open to serve other people before themselves without waiting to receive something in exchange. These people will not babble about what they have or what they do, they are humble.

If you are interested on this kind of self-esteem, we have made an audio that will help you to get started. The subliminal messages for this audio are:

I love myself
I like to be myself
I feel proud of myself
People likes me as I am

You can download the audio from here:

Healthy Self-esteem

Youtube version

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