Public Speaking

public speaking


It has been scientifically proved that the fear of public speaking creates a reaction in the brain that is more dramatic than the fear to death itself.

Interesting? Of course. Strange? Not so much.

Our brain has evolved according to the past tribal societies, where the local population usually didn’t go over 30 inhabitants. The brain has the ability to keep in its “closed circle” a maximum of 150 to 200 people. In this situation, exposing yourself to a public of 100 people is a big threat for your brain, if you have inadequate behavior or show to everyone a mistake in the performance of your abilities, you could become a kind of exiled person in the tribal society and become sad and lonely for the rest of your life.

While this has helped the human race to evolve until the actual point, today this is not useful at all. Luckily, thanks to science, investigations and theories of our evolution, we can deduce that the real fear is not actually to speak in public, but to fail, to be ashamed. From this point we are in a strong position to make subliminal messages that will help us speaking in public.


The audio we made for this occasion has the following messages:

I am very relaxed in front of the public.
I feel confident.
I look at the public and feel confident on my speech.
The public loves my speech.
My voice sounds very confident.
I express myself easily.
I feel comfortable in front of my public.


If you would like to download it, you can do so from here:

Speak in public.

Youtube version.


Good luck!

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