Fear to be criticized



Social Phobia or Social Anxiety can embody a variety of forms, one very common is to feel oneself is the center of attention and other people is under a conspiracy to babble and talk bad stuff about oneself, feeling that any word or any movement will just be the focus of other people's jokes.

These are no more than excuses that our brain uses to protect ourselves. Yes, protect. Just by itself the brain is sensible to be ashamed in public, but there are certain cases where the brain can undertake a "survival" strategy if it is exposed for long periods of time to an stressing environment.

Let's make it clear with an "extreme" example. Someone living with an abuser parent will have more chances, in the short term, of being safe if adopting a shy and inhibited personality because the abuser person would see him/her as not a threat. Of course this strategy doesn't work in the long term and causes additional obstacles in the life outside home.

This last example might or might not be a very common situation, different situations will produce different mind maps and fears in the person suffering from social anxiety.


In this case we have focused on the fear to be criticized, if you are looking for a solution to this issue then have a look at the subliminal messages of this audio:

People tells good things about me.

Others speak well about me.

Other people likes me.

People likes my personality.

People likes my behavior.

Others say good things about me.

People looks at me because they like me.

I like that people looks at me.



If you are interested on it, you can download it from here:


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