Confidence playing football



When we talk about sports, trusting your own hability is essential to be a highlighted player. And not only to make strategic decisions in football, like if you need to give a pass or continue forward, or maybe if you shall face the opponent.

The influence from our own subconscious thoughts goes beyond that into a more important and fundamental basis that will make a difference in the key moments. The simple fact of kicking the ball without confidence will impact the result in an undersired way.


Trust yourself and what you do while on the field, and your football game will become better, just that easy. For this, we have made a subliminal audio with the following messages:


I play at my best every time.
I am always relaxed during the match.
I trust my habilities.
I can always improve even more.
I always train to become the best.
I can win over any rival.
I feel confident during the match.
I learn from any challenges.
I always want to train and improve.


If you are interested, you can download the audio from here:

Confidence playing football.

Youtube Version.


Good luck!

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